Tracking in Victoria Park

Victoria Park
Victoria Park

The 255th Beavers took to Victoria Park on a glorious summer’s evening tonight to try their hand at some tracking. The five Beaver Lodges followed three separate trails marked out for them by Badger, taking in the whole park including the lower slopes, the rose garden and the water maze. They followed their successful exploration with a drink in the shade and a quick game of “landmine clearance”, then finished up with a stint in the playground.

We are almost at the end of a very successful summer term for the Beaver Colony, which has seen the Beavers hunting for cakes, decorating biscuits, learning how to pack a rucksack, learning how to adapt games for special needs and learning how to help someone in an emergency when they are injured. They have helped to tidy up their community with a successful litter-pick and have flexed their imagination with three weeks of activities devoted to bugs. It has also been a great term for trips, with the excellent West Somerset Railway trip to Minehead in May and a creative and action-packed sleepover at Brean in April. If you are a parent with a child in the group or with a child who would like to join and you would like this good work to continue into next term, we hope you will be able to join us for our parents’ meeting during next Monday’s Beavers at FaithSPACE.

255th Beavers Clean Up

Greville Smyth Litter Pick
Greville Smyth Litter Pick

The 255th Bristol (Channel) Sea Scouts Beaver Colony descended upon Greville Smyth Park tonight, where they performed a valuable service to the communities of Southville and Ashton Gate by picking up litter left by park visitors over the sunny weekend. The 23 Beaver Scouts made short work of any litter that the council’s own litter pickers had missed, filling two black bin liners in just fifteen minutes.

Thank you to our Beaver Scouts for helping to keep their environment tidy and thank you to the four parents who came along to help. This is just the sort of thing that Scouting is about, in which young people have fun while helping other people, and we were proud to be representing our group in such an activity. Thank you also to Bristol City Council for lending us the litter picking equipment.


Elsewhere in our programme, our Beaver Colony’s new mascot, Tooth-Five-Five, has been doing the rounds this term. Each week, Tooth-Five-Five is awarded to a Beaver Scout who has been particularly kind and helpful, especially generous or particularly responsible – or sometimes just for doing a really nice piece of work. So far this term Tooth-Five-Five has been taken home and loved, cared for and even slept with by no less than seven Beaver Scouts. Congratulations to every Beaver Scout who has been Beaver of the Week so far:

8 April – Joe, for volunteering to go without a badge he had earned when the leaders were one short and needed to order some more.
15 April – Alex, for the most beautifully decorated biscuit.
22 April – Riana, for setting an example to the others with her good behaviour.
29 April – Rory, for making the effort to bring the sponge balls back to the leaders after the games (sometimes it’s the little things that help a lot).
13 May – Ben, for helping the leaders to keep the Colony under control.
20 May – Gabriel, for good behaviour and for giving away half his money to a Cub Scout who didn’t have any on the West Somerset Railway trip.
3 June – Dylan W, for being a responsible and helpful lodge leader and always being quick to be ready at Riverbanks.

West Somerset Railway

Visiting the locomotive
Visiting the locomotive

The 255th Beavers, Cubs and Scouts had a grand day out together on Saturday. Travelling by coach to Bishop’s Lydeard near Taunton, the group took the West Somerset Railway cross-country to Minehead. At Minehead we hung out on the beach for a while before taking a walk along the promenade to the lifeboat station. Ice creams all round finished the day off nicely before taking the coach home. The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts seemed to enjoy spending the day together with a less structured programme than usual; with all three sections mixing together the day had a real family feel! A full gallery of photos is now available.

Beaver Sleepover April 2013

Group shot on the beach
255th Beavers at Brean

Fox and Badger’s first Sleepover as leaders in charge of the Beaver section saw 18 Beaver Scouts spend the weekend at Brean Sands in Somerset in late April. Fox, Badger, Rainbow and Squirrel (a brave parent volunteer) laid on a packed programme of activities that included crafts, beach games, a hike and a visit to the leisure park. Everyone seemed to have a brilliant time, and the Beavers (especially the younger ones) earned lots of badges to add to their uniforms. A bumper gallery is now available with 100 pics from the weekend – thanks to Squirrel for taking so many photos!

Praise for the Beaver Sleepover

Praise for last weekend’s Beaver Sleepover. We hope to have a full photo gallery online within the next few days.

“Thank you for arranging this weekend’s sleepover. It was a real pleasure to be able to join you and see what a kind, caring and truly dedicated term of leaders you are. The children had a wonderful experience and are lucky to be in your group. Poppy talks about Beaver Sleepover as being the best weekend of the year and I can now see why. I loved all the activities and clearly so did the children.”




“Thank you very much for the excellent sleepover this weekend. Louis had a fabulous time and has come home 2ft taller!
The photos are lovely and show how much they really enjoyed themselves and what they got up to!
We are hugely grateful for your time and commitment and hope you manage to recover this week!”
-Celia & Louis

Beavers on the beach

255th Beavers make the best of things

Cross-Harbour Ferry
Cross-Harbour Ferry

Seven hardy Beaver Scouts braved an unseasonably cold and windy evening yesterday to make an adventure visit to Cabot Tower and Brandon Hill.

Meeting in Southville at the usual venue, the Beavers set out on foot and walked to s.s. Great Britain to catch the cross-harbour ferry. After enjoying the short crossing they made the arduous climb to the summit of Brandon Hill and the top of Cabot Tower. There was a howling gale at the top, so the Beavers didn’t linger long, but they stayed for long enough to spot landmarks such as Ashton Gate Stadium, the Tobacco Factory, their primary school and the Beaver hall. They also saw how far it was to several European cities, from London (120 miles) to Warsaw (1000 miles). After that, they retreated to the playground to warm up with a game of tag! A small gallery is now available with a few photos of the evening.

Rainbow contemplates the end of her Beaver responsibilities
Rainbow contemplates the end of her Beaver responsibilities

Yesterday was also Rainbow’s last day as Beaver Scout Leader. As Baloo, our Group Scout Leader, said at the recent 75th Anniversary Service, we are all indebted to Rainbow for her many years of service to the 255th Bristol (Channel) Sea Scouts, often going above and beyond the call of duty to keep things running through times of crisis. We wish Rainbow all the very best for her Beaver retirement and are very pleased to say that she will be returning to us for one weekend next month to help run what is sure to be an exciting Beaver Sleepover!

Visit from the Police

Trying on the police gear
Trying on the police gear

The 255th Bristol (Channel) Sea Scouts would like to thank the local Police Community Support Officers Anthony, Greg and Claire for taking the time to visit our Beaver Colony tonight to talk  about what it’s like to be a police officer.

Anthony talked to the Beavers about the work that the police force do and allowed the Beavers to try on his gear. The Beavers learned that you can be arrested from as young as 10 years old! Greg took the Beavers out to see a real police car and demonstrated how the drivers control the lights and siren, which the Beavers loved. Claire, meanwhile, talked with the Beavers about how to stay safe, particularly when out and about on dark evenings and for special autumn occasions like Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night.

All in all it was a successful evening to round out the first half of term. There will be no Beavers next week due to the holidays, but the Cubs will be meeting as usual.

Beaver Sleepover October 2012

The 255th Beavers
The 255th Beavers

Once again the 255th Beavers were lucky with the Autumn weather for the district sleepover at Woodhouse Park, for which the theme was pirates! 255th Beavers joined forces for the trip with the 175th Beavers from Totterdown and the 15th Beavers from Knowle.

The event started with a two hour night-hike, during which the Beavers learned about light pollution, saw the lights of the Severn Bridges in the distance, listened for crickets in the bushes, “walked the plank” across a narrow bridge and saw what it was like in the woods without torches. They also got very muddy, with some even losing their wellies in the sodden ploughed fields… they then enjoyed a film about pirates before bed.

The next day was full of fun and games, including pirate crafts (cutlasses, headbands, telescopes and treasure bags), a pirate-themed scavenger hunt, archery lessons and lots of wide games in the fields, including “Landmine Clearance” and “Dynamite”!

255th Beavers earned another notch on their nights away and hikes away badges, and for many it was their first night staying away from home. Well done to all who came for taking it in their stride and having a great time!

A gallery is now available with a few photos from the event.