Victoria Park, May 2012

A warm Saturday in May 2012 saw eleven of our Beavers, including several of our newest recruits, joining us for a fun Saturday in Victoria Park.

The day started with a visit to Bristol Jamia Mosque in Totterdown, where we were given a warm welcome by Mr. Zaheer Shabir, who gave us a brilliant talk on what it’s like to be a Muslim and a demonstration of how Muslims make their prayers to Allah. We were very grateful for the Mosque’s hospitality, which also allowed our Beaver Scouts to take another important step towards their Faith Activity Badges.

We then returned to the park, where the Beavers enjoyed a picnic. The sun may not have put in an appearance, but it was dry, and we filled the afternoon with lots of fun activities, including a blindfolded walk where the Beavers were led around on a rope, a visit to the adventure playground and a game of football. Following the Olympic theme that all our sections are running this year, the Beavers also had a go at shooting a very high basketball hoop. Congratulations to the Beaver Scout who scored!

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