Go Aloft! May 2014

The first Scout group ever, were allowed to climb the Go Aloft! Experience, at Brunel’s ss Great Britain. This was offered as part of a trial programme before they open up the offer to other groups.

A cold, windy and wet morning saw 12 members of the Scout Troop arrive at Brunel’s ss Great Britain not really knowing what they were doing, except climbing.

The look of amazement of what they could do really excited them, and every member gave it a go.

The Go Aloft! Experience allows individuals to climb the rattlings, (the rigging) up to the main mast, and on to the ‘crows nest’ 23 metres above deck level. If that is not scary enough, they can then be transferred onto another cable, and traverse along the yard, heading out over the edges of the ship.

This was a brilliant experience, giving an idea what life was like for the Victorian sailors who would have climbed the rigging on a daily basis to reef sails etc, without the safety equipment used today.

We had very much authentic weather that morning, with gusts coming in over 15 mph, and a steady wind along with rain showers.

Everyone enjoyed the experience, despite the weather!

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