Beaver Sleepover October 2012

Once again the 255th Beavers were lucky with the Autumn weather for the district sleepover at Woodhouse Park, for which the theme was pirates! 255th Beavers joined forces for the trip with the 175th Beavers from Totterdown and the 15th Beavers from Knowle.

The event started with a two hour night-hike, during which the Beavers learned about light pollution, saw the lights of the Severn Bridges in the distance, listened for crickets in the bushes, “walked the plank” across a narrow bridge and saw what it was like in the woods without torches. They also got very muddy, with some even losing their wellies in the sodden ploughed fields… they then enjoyed a film about pirates before bed.

The next day was full of fun and games, including pirate crafts (cutlasses, headbands, telescopes and treasure bags), a pirate-themed scavenger hunt, archery lessons and lots of wide games in the fields, including “Landmine Clearance” and “Dynamite”!

255th Beavers earned another notch on their nights away and hikes away badges, and for many it was their first night staying away from home. Well done to all who came for taking it in their stride and having a great time!

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