Welcome to CARGO 255

When we first discussed the idea of getting a shipping container for storage as an interim measure of the building project, it was suggested we take a lead from the new Wapping Wharf area opposite which uses converted shipping containers for shops and restaurants. They numbered them with a numerical prefix. The idea stuck at we now putting the final touches on the storage container, our designated CARGO 255!

Man on ladder paints shipping container.
Dave is Hammeriting the top edge of the container which seems to retain moisture.
Partially painted stripe on shipping container.
Saturday’s work party set about completing the white striped pattern scheme of
Cargo 255. We also rubbed down a few rust spots.
Rust covered shipping container roof.
Dave has cut back the spring’s overgrowth, swept the water and muck off (last week) and now discusses
what steps to to take to prevent it rusting further.
Shipping container - black with white stripes. The words CARGO 255 written  on it.
Our container is starting to look as was intended. We feel a shallow mini roof would help with the water retention on the roof. Dave has begun to give the roof a Hammerite coat for now!