Tidy Up Day!

The Spyglass yard with ladder leaning against Cargo255 shipping container.

With the lock down rules finally easing, a couple of of us decided to get down to Spyglass a do a somewhat late Spring Clean. We have never completed the painting on the Cargo 255 shipping container and so came armed with sandpaper, wire brushes, paint brushes, and rollers.

Ladder leaning against shipping container.
We arrived and to our surprise, there was quite a collection of water on the roof of the shipping container and the a fair bit of overgrowth.
Scouts sweeping in the yard.
While we worked two of our scouts turned up to return some borrowed equipment and then offered to join in with the clearing of branches.
Scout leader Dave standing on the shipping container.
Dave our Quartermaster really had a go at cutting back the spring’s overgrowth of branches.