Welcome to CARGO 255

When we first discussed the idea of getting a shipping container for storage as an interim measure of the building project, it was suggested we take a lead from the new Wapping Wharf area opposite which uses converted shipping containers for shops and restaurants. They numbered them with a numerical prefix. The idea stuck at we now putting the final touches on the storage container, our designated CARGO 255!

Man on ladder paints shipping container.
Dave is Hammeriting the top edge of the container which seems to retain moisture.
Partially painted stripe on shipping container.
Saturday’s work party set about completing the white striped pattern scheme of
Cargo 255. We also rubbed down a few rust spots.
Rust covered shipping container roof.
Dave has cut back the spring’s overgrowth, swept the water and muck off (last week) and now discusses
what steps to to take to prevent it rusting further.
Shipping container - black with white stripes. The words CARGO 255 written  on it.
Our container is starting to look as was intended. We feel a shallow mini roof would help with the water retention on the roof. Dave has begun to give the roof a Hammerite coat for now!

Tidy Up Day!

With the lock down rules finally easing, a couple of of us decided to get down to Spyglass a do a somewhat late Spring Clean. We have never completed the painting on the Cargo 255 shipping container and so came armed with sandpaper, wire brushes, paint brushes, and rollers.

Ladder leaning against shipping container.
We arrived and to our surprise, there was quite a collection of water on the roof of the shipping container and the a fair bit of overgrowth.
Scouts sweeping in the yard.
While we worked two of our scouts turned up to return some borrowed equipment and then offered to join in with the clearing of branches.
Scout leader Dave standing on the shipping container.
Dave our Quartermaster really had a go at cutting back the spring’s overgrowth of branches.

Pancake Breakfast – thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who helped at Saturday’s pancake breakfast, whether the Scouts who waited on tables, the cooks, the poor person washing up in the corner, or those of you who came and ate carbohydrates for such a good cause!

pancake breakfast at St Pauls SouthvilleThanks too to St Paul’s Church who let us use their building at no cost so that all proceeds can go towards the rebuilding of our Spyglass Scout centre next to the church. We don’t know quite how much was raised yet as some scouts, cubs, and beavers will be handing in ticket money this week. Don’t forget to do that when you meet on Monday or Wednesday.


Our third pancake breakfast!

pancake breakfast poster

This year the 4th July falls on a Saturday so it’s a perfect excuse for another US style pancake breakfast to help raise money towards building the Spyglass scout hut.

We have a new venue this year: we will be at St Pauls Church Southville from 9:30am to 12pm on Saturday 4th July. There will be traditional American pancakes with butter and Aunt Jemima syrup, and plenty of fresh filter coffee and juice to drink.

If you’re a parent in the group or a Scout, we need your help! You can help by shopping, preparation, cooking, selling tickets, and clearing up. Contact baloo@255th.org.uk to find out more.

Pancake Breakfast Success

Pancake Breakfast 2013
Pancake Breakfast 2013

Our first ever pancake breakfast fundraiser was a resounding success. Friends, family, and many visitors (including our mayor George Ferguson) queued up to eat the best American pancakes this side of the Atlantic complete with authentic Aunt Jemima syrup and real fair trade coffee. Scouts, leaders and parents worked fast and furiously to meet the demand. We really made a great contribution towards our building fund. Thank you to all who attended and supported us in our endeavour.

A gallery of photos from the event is now available.

Cub Pack Gang Show 2013

Gang Show 2013
Gang Show 2013

Saturday 29th June: Beavers, Cubs, and even a couple of Scouts provided top notch entertainment to a full house of parents, friends, and visitors.” The Gang ” performed sketches and songs all of a nautical nature in keeping with our Sea Scout branding. The evening concluded with great applause,a collection for the building fund and tasty cup cakes!

A gallery of photos from the show is now available.