Spring 2016 Programme

Spring 2016 Programme

Displaying meetings from 01/01/2016 to 31/03/2016.

04/01/2016 – Games Evening
11/01/2016 – Home Safety Badge
18/01/2016 – Trangia Training
25/01/2016 – Ropes and Lashings
01/02/2016 – Indoor Pioneering
08/02/2016 – closed 1/2 term
15/02/2016 – countryside code
22/02/2016 – Breakfast
29/02/2016 – Woggle Making
07/03/2016 – Pack Forum
14/03/2016 – Easy String Eggs – easter gifts


Pancake Breakfast – thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who helped at Saturday’s pancake breakfast, whether the Scouts who waited on tables, the cooks, the poor person washing up in the corner, or those of you who came and ate carbohydrates for such a good cause!

pancake breakfast at St Pauls SouthvilleThanks too to St Paul’s Church who let us use their building at no cost so that all proceeds can go towards the rebuilding of our Spyglass Scout centre next to the church. We don’t know quite how much was raised yet as some scouts, cubs, and beavers will be handing in ticket money this week. Don’t forget to do that when you meet on Monday or Wednesday.


Our third pancake breakfast!

pancake breakfast poster

This year the 4th July falls on a Saturday so it’s a perfect excuse for another US style pancake breakfast to help raise money towards building the Spyglass scout hut.

We have a new venue this year: we will be at St Pauls Church Southville from 9:30am to 12pm on Saturday 4th July. There will be traditional American pancakes with butter and Aunt Jemima syrup, and plenty of fresh filter coffee and juice to drink.

If you’re a parent in the group or a Scout, we need your help! You can help by shopping, preparation, cooking, selling tickets, and clearing up. Contact baloo@255th.org.uk to find out more.

Recent activities

Eastwood Farm
Eastwood Farm

The 255th Beavers have been enjoying a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities recently to make the most of the summer evenings.

On Sunday 14th June, nine of our Beavers joined us for a river trip from the s.s. Great Britain to Beese’s Tea Gardens. From there, they went on a nature ramble through Eastwood Farm nature reserve. They saw and learned about a range of plant life, birds and mini-beasts, from herons to ladybirds, goose grass to ground beetles and teasels to tadpoles.

The following evening, the whole Colony descended on Victoria Park for an active outdoor evening, where they had the opportunity to climb along a row of trees, run an outdoor assault course and play a game of ‘landmine clearance’. As well as being fun and challenging for our Beavers, these kinds of activities are great for badge work too.

Red Lodge show off 'Hogwarts'
Red Lodge show off ‘Hogwarts’

The Beavers have been just as busy indoors, too. Tonight, the Beavers worked in their lodges to build castles out of junk. All four of the models were fantastic, but the best models showed some real teamwork, supported by our team of leaders and other adult volunteers. We thought Red Lodge’s castle showed the best design, which they gave the appropriate name of Hogwarts.

255th Beavers try out British traditions

Welly Wanging
Welly Wanging

255th Beavers visited Greville Smyth Park on a sunny Monday evening last week, where they had a chance to try their hand at three British traditions.

First, they had a go at welly wanging, from Yorkshire. The challenge was to see who could throw a Wellington boot the furthest. Congratulations to Zach, who was the clear winner.

Second, the Beavers had a chance to try caber tossing, from the Scottish Highland Games. It may not have been a full-sized caber, but some of the Beavers showed great technique. The winner was Morgan, by a country mile.

Chasing the cheese
Chasing the cheese

Finally, and most hysterically, the Beavers had a go at our local tradition of cheese rolling, from Gloucestershire. After practising individually with Babybels, the Beavers all ran together. Well done to Zachary for catching the big cheese!

As well as trying several fun new activities, the Beavers worked towards their old Global Challenge or new My World Challenge. Following the Sleepover and other recent activities, there will be a lot of badges to hand out on Monday!

Coming soon: A gallery of the photos from the Sleepover, once we have got everything together.

St. George’s Day Parade 2015

This Sunday 26th April, 1:15pm sharp. Brunel’s Yard next to s.s. Great Britain on Gas Ferry Road BS1 6JR.

Clean uniform, navy black/blue trousers, ironed neckerchief, black shoes. Scouts to wear hats (and belts if possible). Layers underneath for warmth. Carry light raincoat.

March starts at 2pm along Cumberland Road. Service at St. Mary Redcliffe Church (some seating at back may be available for parents).

Pick up time from church is 4:15pm.

All change…

New Beaver badges
New Beaver badges

2015 brings with it a bold new programme for Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts. The old Challenge awards and Chief Scout’s awards have been replaced with a new suite of very modern-looking and more complex Challenge awards.

Leaders within our Group have been working hard to get to grips with the new programme. Our ambitious summer programme for the Beaver section (now available on the programme page), for example, includes many activities targeted at these new Challenge awards.

Beavers who started in the Colony up to the end of 2014 will be allowed to complete the old Chief Scout’s Bronze Award before September 2015, and we will be working to get all of them up to this award by the end of the summer term if at all possible. Beavers who started from January 2015 onwards will be our first to proceed with the new programme, and we wish them the best of luck. Last weekend’s fantastic Beaver Sleepover will have got two of them off to a great start on this journey – more details of that event, including a photo gallery, will follow soon.

Remembrance Day service

The 255th Bristol (Channel) Sea Scouts will be attending a Remembrance Day service at St. Paul’s Church, Southville, this Sunday (9th November). Please could all members of the Group attend. We will be assembling outside the church at 10AM. All Beavers, Cubs and Scouts wear full uniform including dark shoes and trousers and should be wearing a poppy.

Akela, we will do our best

Philip Burnett, known to our Cub Scouts as Akela, has been back at home for nearly a month now after a long stay in hospital following serious complications arising from a stroke and is being looked after by his family, including our former Beaver Scout Leader, Debbie Burnett. Phil is doing well but still has some way to go on the road to recovery.

In the mean time, the Cub Pack will continue to run in the safe hands of our former Group Scout Leader, Chris James. Akela, we are just keeping your seat warm for you. Get well soon!